Elfbar stops selling sweet-flavoured vapes amid health concerns

One of the leading vape companies in the UK, Elfbar, has announced that it will stop selling its sweet-flavoured disposable e-cigarettes from December 1, 2023. The decision comes amid growing concerns about the health effects of vaping, especially among young people.

The rise and fall of Elfbar

Elfbar was founded in 2019 and quickly became a popular brand of disposable vapes, which are battery-powered devices that contain nicotine and flavourings in a liquid solution. Elfbar offers a variety of flavours, such as strawberry ice cream, blueberry cotton candy, and mango milkshake, which appeal to many consumers who want to quit smoking or enjoy a sweet sensation.

However, the company has faced increasing criticism from health experts, regulators, and campaigners, who claim that its products are harmful to the lungs, addictive, and attractive to underage users. According to a recent study by the University of Edinburgh, vaping can cause inflammation and damage to the airways, which can lead to chronic lung diseases such as asthma and COPD. Another study by the University of Bath found that nicotine levels in Elfbar vapes are higher than in most other brands, and that some of its flavours contain chemicals that can cause cancer.

In addition, Elfbar has been accused of violating the UK’s Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016, which limit the nicotine strength and the size of e-cigarettes. The regulations also ban the advertising of e-cigarettes, which Elfbar has allegedly breached by using social media influencers and celebrities to promote its products.

The reasons behind Elfbar’s decision

In a statement released on its website, Elfbar said that it has decided to halt the sale of its sweet-flavoured vapes in order to “protect the health and safety of our customers and the public”. The company said that it will continue to sell its tobacco and menthol flavours, which are “more suitable for adult smokers who want to switch from traditional cigarettes”.

Elfbar stops selling sweet-flavoured vapes amid health concerns

The company also said that it will cooperate with the authorities and comply with the regulations, and that it will invest more in research and development to improve its products and reduce their potential risks. Elfbar said that it hopes to “restore the trust and confidence of our customers and the society” and that it is “committed to providing a better vaping experience for everyone”.

The reactions to Elfbar’s decision

Elfbar’s decision has been welcomed by some health organisations and anti-smoking groups, who see it as a positive step towards reducing the appeal and availability of e-cigarettes to young people. Dr. John Britton, a professor of respiratory medicine and the director of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, said that “Elfbar’s decision is a responsible and sensible move that will help to prevent a new generation of nicotine addicts”. He also urged other vape companies to follow suit and stop selling sweet-flavoured products.

However, some consumers and vape advocates have expressed their disappointment and frustration with Elfbar’s decision, saying that it will limit their choices and force them to switch to other brands or go back to smoking. James, a 25-year-old Elfbar user from London, said that “I love Elfbar’s flavours, they are the only thing that helped me quit smoking. I don’t want to vape tobacco or menthol, they are boring and taste bad. I think Elfbar is giving in to the pressure and losing its loyal customers”. He also said that he will look for other brands that sell similar flavours, or buy them online from abroad.

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