Drunk man stuns takeaway staff by ordering a sausage roll for his pet snake

A drunk man caused a stir at a Scottish takeaway when he asked for a sausage roll for his pet snake. The bizarre incident happened at the Blue Lagoon chip shop in Glasgow on Saturday night.

The hungry reptile

The man, who was not named, walked into the shop with a large snake wrapped around his neck. He ordered a sausage roll and then proceeded to feed it to the snake in front of the shocked staff and customers.

The snake, which appeared to be a python, seemed to enjoy the snack as it swallowed the pastry whole. The man then paid for his order and left the shop with his slithering companion.

The stunned staff

The staff at the Blue Lagoon were left speechless by the unusual request. One of them, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “We’ve seen a lot of things in here, but nothing like that. He just walked in with the snake around his neck and asked for a sausage roll. He didn’t seem to care what anyone thought. He just fed it to the snake and then walked out.”

Drunk shocks chippy

The staff member added: “It was quite a big snake, maybe about six feet long. It looked like it could have eaten more than one sausage roll. We were all shocked and a bit scared. We didn’t know if it was dangerous or not. We just wanted him to leave as soon as possible.”

The viral video

The incident was captured on video by another customer, who posted it on social media. The video quickly went viral, attracting thousands of views and comments. Many people expressed their disbelief and amusement at the sight of the man and his snake.

Some of the comments included:

  • “That’s the most Scottish thing I’ve ever seen.”
  • “I hope he got extra sauce for the snake.”
  • “That snake must have a stomach of steel.”
  • “That’s animal cruelty. Sausage rolls are not good for snakes.”
  • “That’s one way to skip the queue.”

The expert opinion

According to a reptile expert, feeding a sausage roll to a snake is not advisable. Dr. Mark O’Shea, a herpetologist and snakebite consultant, said: “Snakes are carnivorous and need a diet of whole prey items, such as rodents, birds, or fish. Feeding them processed foods, such as sausage rolls, is not good for their health or digestion. It could cause them to regurgitate or develop infections.”

Dr. O’Shea also warned that keeping a large snake as a pet is not a simple task. He said: “Large snakes, such as pythons, require a lot of space, care, and expertise. They are not suitable for beginners or casual owners. They can also be dangerous if they are not handled properly or escape from their enclosures. They can pose a risk to themselves, their owners, and the public.”

He advised anyone who is interested in keeping a snake as a pet to do their research and consult a reputable breeder or rescue centre.

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