Does Salt And Cocoa Butter Remove Tattoos?

Tattoos are a form of body art that has been around for thousands of years. Tattoos have evolved from simple line drawings to complex holistic piece works of art.

The way tattoos are removed has also changed over the years. While some methods have been proven to be more effective than others, there is no universal tattoo removal solution.

Tattoo removal treatments can be chemical solutions, energy devices, or surgical procedures. Each one has its pros and cons, and your doctor will help you decide which is best for you based on your tattoo.

Chemical solutions used to remove tattoos include Q-switched laser treatment or topical creams. These work by breaking down the tattoo ink into small particles that your body then naturally disposes of.

Laser treatments have improved greatly over the years, with more accurate targeting of the ink. Many clinics now offer sessions over several weeks to achieve the best results for each person.

Topical creams can take several weeks to months to show results depending on how thickened the skin is due to tattooing.

Does it work?

does salt and cocoa butter remove tattoos

Cocoa butter and salt has become a popular method to remove tattoos in recent years. Many people report good results with this mixture, but it really depends on the tattoo.

Some tattoos may be very difficult to remove due to how the ink enters the skin and how long it stays in the skin. The stronger the bond between the ink and your skin, the harder it is to remove it.

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you whether this method will work for you or not. It may work for some people, but not for others. You will have to try it to find out!

If you try this method, we recommend you do so twice a day for at least two weeks. This gives you a good chance of seeing results, whether they be positive or negative. Keep track of your observations and go to a professional if there is any change in your tattoo.

How do you use it?

does salt and cocoa butter remove tattoos

To use salt to remove a tattoo, you must first find pure salt. Table salt will not work for this process! You can either find sea salt or Himalayan pink salt.

Then, you must mix the salt with cocoa butter to form a creamy paste. You will need a small amount of each to make the paste.

Once you have the right consistency, you will spread the paste over the tattoo and leave it on for around one hour. You will then wash off the paste and remove the tattoo with water.

The harder the tattoo is to remove, the longer you will have to leave the paste on. It all depends on how many layers of ink are in the skin. The lighter colors may come out after one session, while darker ones may take several sessions.

You can do this as many times as needed to get rid of all of the ink.

What happens if I use it?

does salt and cocoa butter remove tattoos

Although salt, cocoa butter, and coconut oil have been claimed to help remove tattoos, they will not help in fact. It is best to stay away from these products as they can be harmful.

Using salt to remove a tattoo has been linked to higher risks of infection. The tiny cuts made by the salt can allow the ink to enter the skin and spread which is why infection can occur.

The same goes for cocoa butter and coconut oil. Both of these contain fats that could embed into the skin and make it harder to remove the tattoo.

Furthermore, it is rumored that using these oils can cause the tattoo ink to break down, but only if applied for years! There is no way of guaranteeing that this will work, and it would most likely take a very long time.

The best thing to do if you are unsure if you want your tattoo removed is to seek out professional removal methods via your doctor.

Where can I find salt and cocoa butter?

does salt and cocoa butter remove tattoos

Salt can be found at most supermarkets. It is also very inexpensive, so you would not need to spend a lot of money to try this method out. Cocoa butter can be found in some supermarkets, beauty stores, and online.

While trying this method out, we did encounter some difficulties finding cocoa butter in the melted state needed to work with the salt. We recommend checking for compatibility before starting this process!

Even if you are unable to find these two ingredients, there are other ways to try this method out. You could use sea salt instead of table salt, or coconut oil instead of cocoa butter. Check out other oils that may work in removing tattoos!

Something important to note is that you need to use soft oils for this method.

Is there an easier way to remove my tattoo?

does salt and cocoa butter remove tattoos

Unfortunately, getting a tattoo removed is not as easy as getting one put on. While some tattoos can be covered up with new ink, others are too significant to simply be covered.

For example, some people get tattoos to symbolize changes in their life- such as moving from one chapter in their life to the next. Or, some people get tattoos to remind them of a change in their life, like a new career or lifestyle change.

If your tattoo represents a significant change in your life, then you may want to have it removed- you will pay an additional cost but it can be done!

The best way to have your tattoo removed is to find an experienced laser technician at an accredited laser removal clinic. They will look at your tattoo and give you the best removal advice for your situation.

What are the risks of using salt and cocoa butter?


While salt and cocoa butter may seem like safe tattoo removal options, they actually carry some risks. Firstly, white salt can contain some chemicals which are not ideal for skin contact.

These include sodium silicate, an alkali chemical which is a known irritant and pollutant, and chloride, a chemical commonly found in water.

Additionally, white salt can have a variable concentration of iodine depending on its source. While small amounts of iodine are an important nutrient, too much of it can be damaging to the skin.

White salt also does not help with the removal of ink so would not be effective as a tattoo removal method. Cocoa butter is also not a good option as it is an oil-based compound that could trap ink particles in the skin while trying to remove them. This would then leave the old tattoo intact but with gaps where the new removed skin was placed.

Does lemon juice and sugar work for removing tattoos?


Another common method for tattoo removal is a lemon juice and sugar scrub. Many people claim that this combination removes tattoos, however, we advise you not to try it at home.

Tattoos are made permanent in two ways: by injecting ink into the dermis with a needle and by coating the ink with polymer molecules.

The lemon juice acts as an acid that breaks down the polymer layer, allowing the body to purge the ink. The sugar acts as a gentle exfoliant to help scrub off the removed ink.

While many people have reported success with this method, it takes a long time and repeated applications to see results. It is also very expensive when you factor in all of the ingredients needed!

We here at Tattoo Removal Solutions do not recommend this method, but if you would like to give it a try, be careful and do not get any of the chemicals on your skin.

Does bleach work for removing tattoos?


Another popular way to remove tattoos is by using bleach. Bleach is usually formulated as a liquid or powder that you mix with water to create a liquid.

However, in this case, “bleach” refers to the color of the tattoo ink, rather than the substance itself. In this case, any color of ink can be removed with bleach.

Many people have tried to remove their tattoo with plain water, which does not work. This is because tattoos are permanent images embedded into the skin’s dermis by circulating blood vessels and cellular structures.

The difference between water and “water” is simply the molecule structure. Due to this similarity, simply washing away the tattoo with water will not work. The ink will still be there!

That is why bleach can help remove the tattoo- the different chemical structures may break down the ink molecules.

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