Do Shea Butter Lighten Skin

Just like any other cosmetic product, using shea butter lightening can leave you with some leftover products that are needed to be trashed or recycled. If you’re very careful about where you put your used product, there is no risk of causing environmental damage.

There have been several reports of people who experienced skin irritation while using shea butter as a lightener. Due to this potential side effect, it is important to use adequate sun protection when using shea butter as a lightener.

This article will talk more in depth about how to use natural shea butters for lightening dark skin and what precautions must be taken when doing so.

Product ingredients


When searching for do shea butter lightening products, make sure to read your labels carefully! Most brands mix in other oils or butters as an “ingredient” which is not ideal since these are usually more expensive than pure shea butter.

Shea butter will also sometimes be marketed as sun protection because of its anti-oxidant properties. While this is true, it is only effective if you can apply the product with enough accuracy to avoid very warm or exposed areas.

Some people may even feel that their skin looks better without the layer of oil from the shea butter. Therefore, try one new product at a time to see if you get any benefits before investing in lots of them.

General tips when using beauty products includes making sure your use appropriate levels of product and exposure duration. Too much product or overexposure to the sun can cause your skin to overproduce natural oils, leading to heavier skin layers that can hurt your appearance.

How shea butter is made

do shea butter lighten skin

She natural oils are one of the most prolific cosmetic ingredients in the world. Oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and hemp seed oil can be mixed with shea butter to create softer skin products.

Shea butter comes from the fat found inside of the African Black Sheep or South African Rooibos Bush. When sheep eat grass, they develop thick underarms hair which contains large amounts of fat! Because there’s so much fat in the underarm wool, it is processed into something more useful.

It is then manufactured into beauty products that have many uses. It acts like softening agent or lubricant for everyday use (like moisturizer) but also helps keep your skin hydrated and healthy when used in treatments or as direct application onto troubled areas (like lip balm).

Because it is related to skin fats, it will not cause dryness or inflammation.

Different types of shea butter


Recent studies have questioned whether or not using natural oils like cocoa, olive, or coconut oil to treat dry skin is actually effective. Companies that market these products claim that they work just as well if not better than regular moisturizers because they contain more “tightly bound” moisture.

However, this tightly bound water does not remain in your skin for very long- it evaporates quickly. The cost factor also makes many think twice before investing in one of these products.

If you do choose to use oils to refresh your skin, make sure to apply them with a light hand so that you are still able to feel the product and soak up some of the extra moisture. You can always try buffering your skin first by applying our favorite Balance Me Body Luster Natural Moisturizer.

What does shea butter do for your skin

do shea butter lighten skin

She natural oils are mixed with other compounds to create different products, most notably cosmetic ones such as moisturizers and salves. The oil that makes up the main ingredient of many beauty products is called shea or cocoa buttermilk powder.

Most people are familiar with shea butter when it comes to applying onto their bodies due to its warm, soothing quality. It can be directly applied onto any area of the body including feet, scalp, and mouth!

Some people make claims that adding this golden fat to your diet will help improve your overall health and state of wellness. This has been debunked however, shea butter is considered safe when used according to how much you use and what region of the body it’s applied to.

It can also cause some uncomfortable sensations, similar to using coconut oil. This usually goes away within minutes.

Does shea butter lighten skin

do shea butter lighten skin

Many people use shea butter to believe that it will help lighten your skin, but this is not true. The myth of shea butter as a cheap way to lighten your skin has spread like wildfire across the internet.

Many individuals have claimed that they found success in using shea butter for its purported ability to lighten their skin, but most of these claims are no longer valid.

It is very difficult to find quality products that contain natural shea butter these days. Almost every bottle contains synthetic versions which look just like shea butter but do not work any better than the regular fake sheas.

There are some brands that market themselves as pure shea butter, but unfortunately, none of them seem to be able to confirm whether or not their product contains only shea butter. Some add other oils such as olive oil which may cause your skin to dry out even more!

If you must use shea butter then make sure to look up reviews before buying so you can determine if there were any negative effects.

Does it dry out skin

do shea butter lighten skin

As with any beauty product, shea butter does have an effect on your skin. Depending on how you use it, it can be either beneficial or detrimental to your skin.

If you overapply it, it may cause dryness and irritation which are two things that can hurt your skin. Overusing shea butter also means it will not blend into your skin properly, instead sitting on top of it. This could possibly make your skin feel even more dried out!

Also, when baking using shea butter as a moisturizer in a recipe or applying directly onto wet skin, it may harden slightly. This is called solidification and it occurs because her high levels of oleic acid bond together.

However, after washing this off your skin it will re-melt down and add some moisture to your layer of skin.

Does it work as a sunscreen

do shea butter lighten skin

While some people claim that shea butter does not protect your skin from sun exposure, this is not true! Because of its complex structure, shea butter does indeed act as a protective layer against excessive sunlight when used properly.

Most importantly, make sure to use a thin layer of shea cream in your hands before you wash them.

Does it make your skin glow

do shea butter lighten skin

As we know, nature is a great source of beauty and wellness. Due to its natural composition, shea butter can do many things including improving the health and appearance of our skin. It also does not contain any animal products which are important to note as some shea oils come from goats or apes.

Many people use shea butter for their skin due to how it functions. Some say that it lightens their dark skin tone and boosts dry skin conditions. Others claim that it improves the elasticity of the skin and helps prevent wrinkles.

However, there’s one theory about why it may promote lighter colored skin – something called oxidative dyeing. Oxidative dyeing occurs when chemicals react with other molecules in your body and produce reactive oxygen species (ROS).

These ROS are sometimes neutralized by antioxidants like vitamin A, so if you have high levels of either of these in your system, then you might want to try using less of the oil to see what effects it has on your skin.

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