A Sweet Surprise: How a Coatbridge Shop Became a Star of Cadbury’s Advert

A corner shop in Coatbridge has made a splash on the national television as it featured in the latest advert by Cadbury. The shop, which has been in business for over 200 years, was chosen by the chocolate giant to showcase its new campaign. This is the second time the shop has appeared in a Cadbury advert, making it a local celebrity.

The Corner Shop with a History

The shop, located on Quarry Street, is owned by the McKeown family, who have been running it since 1978. The shop was originally opened in 1819 by a man named John McEwan, who sold groceries, hardware, and coal. The shop has seen many changes over the years, but it still retains its original charm and character.

The shop is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, who come to buy sweets, snacks, newspapers, and lottery tickets. The shop also sells a range of Cadbury products, including Dairy Milk, Crunchie, and Twirl. The shop has a loyal customer base, who appreciate its friendly service and community spirit.

The Cadbury Connection

The shop caught the attention of Cadbury in 2018, when it was selected to be part of its “There’s a Glass and a Half in Everyone” campaign. The campaign aimed to celebrate the kindness and generosity of people across the UK, and the shop was chosen as an example of a local business that makes a difference in its area. The shop was featured in a 30-second advert, where it was shown giving away free chocolate bars to its customers.

The Corner Shop with a History

The advert was a huge success, and it boosted the shop’s profile and sales. The shop received a lot of positive feedback from the public, and it was visited by many curious tourists. The shop also received a plaque from Cadbury, which is proudly displayed on its wall.

The shop was contacted by Cadbury again in 2024, when it was asked to be part of its new campaign, “The Originals”. The campaign celebrates the heritage and legacy of Cadbury, and the shop was chosen as one of the oldest establishments that sells its products. The shop was featured in another 30-second advert, where it was shown as a 200-year-old institution that has witnessed the history and evolution of Cadbury. The advert was aired on national television in February 2024, and it received a lot of praise and attention.

The Impact of the Advert

The shop’s owner, John McKeown, said he was delighted and honoured to be part of the Cadbury advert. He said he was proud of his shop’s history and reputation, and he was happy to share it with the nation. He said he hoped the advert would inspire more people to visit Coatbridge and see what it has to offer.

The shop’s customers also expressed their joy and support for the shop. They said they were proud of their local shop, and they were glad to see it recognised by a big brand like Cadbury. They said they loved the shop’s products and service, and they would continue to support it.

The shop’s appearance in the Cadbury advert has also had a positive impact on the wider area of North Lanarkshire. The area has been attracting more filming and production projects in recent years, thanks to its diverse and scenic locations. The area has hosted several popular television shows and movies, such as Outlander, Vigil, and The Batman. The area has also opened a new studio, Nightsky, which has hosted several comedy and drama series.

The area has a dedicated film office, Lanarkshire Screen Locations, which helps filmmakers find suitable venues and locations and facilitates access and permissions. The film office said it was working to attract more filming to the area, recognising the economic and social benefits it can bring.

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