Blink-182 Drummer Travis Barker Recovers Well from Emergency Surgery on Ring Finger

Blink-182’s Latin American tour was postponed last month due to an injury sustained by drummer Travis Barker during rehearsal. He smashed his ring finger, which led to emergency surgery and a delay in the band’s upcoming tour with singer and guitarist Tom DeLonge. However, Barker has now offered an update on his recovery and says he’s “recovering really, really well.” He had his cast removed a week after the surgery and has been in physical therapy to speed up his healing process. Barker also revealed that he recorded the last three songs on the album with a broken finger.

Drummer Travis Barker
Drummer Travis Barker

Tour Update

Despite the setback, Blink-182 is set to kick off their world tour with the North American leg in early May. Barker says that they will be playing before anyone is expecting them to play, referring to their recent addition to the Coachella line-up. The tour marks the first time that DeLonge has played with the group since 2015, when he exited the band to dedicate his time to his company, To the Stars… Academy of Arts & Sciences, which investigates UFOs. Barker and singer/bassist Mark Hoppus continued with the band and enlisted Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba to round out the group. With Skiba, Blink released two albums.

Friendship Rekindled

In 2021, Hoppus announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Around this time, he and Barker had begun meeting with DeLonge to rekindle their friendship. Within the next year, Hoppus was declared cancer-free, and DeLonge officially re-joined the band. The band has not yet announced an official release date for their next LP, but fans are eagerly awaiting their upcoming world tour.

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