Are Pistachios Bad For Cats

As we mentioned before, eating too many pistachio nuts can be harmful to your cat’s health. They are not totally safe for all cats or even some specific breeds!

If you are still unsure if it is okay to give your feline friend a few pistachios, then do not feed her any. Rather, look up whether she is an intolerant eater or not. If she is, then there is no need to risk possible nutritional deficiencies by giving her the nut.

Sadly, most dogs and cats become sensitive eaters as they get older- this is especially true of those that suffer from food allergies. This article will go into more detail about why pistachios may be bad for your pet.

Read the labels

As mentioned before, pistachio shells can be a tempting treat to your cat. Unfortunately, not all brands are the same!

Some companies may add preservatives or dyes that contain chemicals linked to health issues in humans.

Too much of these additives can have negative effects on cats’s health. For this reason, we recommend avoiding chocolate-covered dried nuts such as almonds, Brazil Nuts, hazelnuts, and pistachios because they usually contain artificial colors or hydrogenated oils.

Cat owners who are determined to give their pet one small shell of a nut can try roasting them at 250°F (or you can buy pre-roasted ones) for 10 minutes to remove the skin. Make sure to check it every few minutes to make sure it doesn’t burn!

After baking, let your cat eat what she wants while still watching her for signs of poisoning. You can also put some olive oil or milk on your hand and wash it off if your cat starts acting sick.

Avoid chocolate-covered pistachios

are pistachios bad for cats

As we mentioned before, eating too many foods that contain the ingredient carmine can be harmful to your cat. Caramel is one of these colorants and does not break down in cats’ systems.

Carmine comes from dried ground beetle skin. When the food contains caramel, the beetles have been killed at some stage during processing so there is no natural carmellose found in the product. This means there are still chemicals left over from the process which can potentially enter into your cat’s system.

Some studies show that ingesting up to 5 grams (about 1/8 teaspoon) of cocoa powder every day may cause health problems such as vomiting, diarrhea or weight loss.

Keep cat toys fresh and clean


As we mentioned, cats are very motivated to play. They love chasing things and playing with toys that they can use or take apart and reassemble as needed.

If you’re giving your kitty away snacks such as fruits and vegetables, it is important to indicate whether or not these foods are okay for them to eat.

Some animals have special digestive systems that do not work well when eating too many additives. This is particularly true of kittens who are still developing their digestion system.

You should make sure that your kitten does not seem overly hungry after food restrictions, otherwise she may consume more than what her body needs. Overfeeding could also cause weight gain which would be uncomfortable for both you and the animal.

In addition to this, some nutritional supplements cannot be given to dogs or cats at a dosage higher than recommended either.

Wash your hands after giving your cat pistachios

are pistachios bad for catsIf you are reading this article, then you have probably already made a conclusion that pistachio shells can be harmful to your kitty. You may even have decided what to do about it!

Many people believe that once a kitten or cat eats one shell, then they will develop dental issues such as tooth decay or disease.

This is not true. Because kittens’s mouths are still developing, their teeth don’t come in fully. This helps protect them from oral health problems, but also makes it more difficult to find any stray nuts left over.

Sadly, some pet parents underestimate how much cats love food and want to share. When kids drop an apple core onto the floor, they usually forget about it. But if you put peanut butter next to that apple core, your dog or cat won’t miss it.

Throw away unopened packages

are pistachios bad for catsMany people enjoy pistachio nuts as an edible snack or dessert item, but unfortunately not all of them are healthy for your cat!

Some brands choose to coat their pistachios in chocolate which can be problematic for several reasons. The main one being that the cocoa powder is expensive to produce and process, so the manufacturer may add it to increase profits.

The melted chocolate also contains sugar, which can contribute to weight gain in cats. If you find some packaged snacks that do not contain chocolate, check the ingredients to make sure there are no pistachios before giving them to your pet.

Always read the labels to see if they are certified vegan or vegetarian. These foods are good for your feline friend! It is best to avoid buying brand-name snacks at stores because these companies often change their ingredient lists. A classic example of this is when Wal-Mart introduced chicken made from human growth hormone (hGH).

Tell your cat to stay away from pistachios

Many dogs love having a few nuts or even snacks of all types, but that is not always so great for cats. They may try to eat them!

Cats are naturally drawn to the scent of most animals including mice, birds, and other small mammals. This instinct is what makes it hard to resist when they chase their prey down a food source like a mouse or bird under its claws or nose.

When a cat tries to ingest any non-food item, whether it’s a hairbrush, paper towel, or raw nut, it can cause problems. The nut might get stuck in the digestive system which could lead to gastric upset (pain, nausea, vomiting) or internal bleeding.

Consider using a cat treat recipe

are pistachios bad for catsAs we mentioned, most dry kibble is made of processed carbohydrates that your feline friend can eat. However, these carbs may not agree with some cats.

Some dogs are sensitive to the carob in many puppy treats and thus will get upset when they eat them. This could result in digestive issues or vomiting for your pet.

For this reason, you should probably avoid dried fruits like pistachio nuts as junk food snacks for your dog. Unfortunately, the same thing happens only one step forward– no stage two!

Since it’s impossible to source fresh (or even dehydrated) cranberry sauce, I recommend baking the raisins in a sugar free pancake mix, salting the mixture and serving it to your dog either raw or cooked.

This way, he won’t encounter any tartness, and it will satisfy his desire for salty/sweet foods.

Help your cat get enough exercise


Many people enjoy eating pistachio nuts to start their day. Unfortunately, most cats do not appreciate this food choice when you are sleeping or napping.

When you wake up and find that your cat is constantly watching you eat pistachios, it can be frustrating.

This happens mostly at night time because most house cats spend their nights asleep. If your pet does not seem to sleep much, then he may be hungry. He could also just want some attention!

If your cat seems very interested in what you are doing, try giving him some of his kibble earlier so that he does not have to wait until you are finished with yours. This way he will feel more relaxed and comfortable, which usually helps him relax as well.

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