April Fuels Day: British Gas, Shell, and BP’s Huge Profits Revealed

In a surprising turn of events, energy giants British Gas, Shell, and BP have come under scrutiny as their staggering profits are exposed on this April Fuels Day. Let’s delve into the details:

The Profit Landscape

  • British Gas, a major player in the UK energy market, has raked in an astounding £117.4 billion worldwide since 2020.
  • Shell, another energy heavyweight, boasts profits of £84.5 billion during the same period.
  • Not to be outdone, BP has accumulated a substantial £38.4 billion in profits.

Energy bi

The End Fuel Poverty Coalition’s Perspective

  • Simon Francis, coordinator of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition, doesn’t mince words. He asserts that energy firms are taking consumers for a ride.
  • As energy bills continue to soar, many households struggle to keep up, facing the harsh reality of choosing between heating and other essentials.

The Energy Price Cap

  • On a brighter note, the energy price cap is set to fall by 12% on April 1.
  • For every £100 spent on energy by a Direct Debit user today, they’ll pay only £87.70 starting next month.
  • However, despite this improvement, overall energy prices remain significantly higher than pre-crisis levels.

Prepay Becomes the Cheapest Option

  • In an unexpected twist, prepay energy becomes the most cost-effective choice.
  • Lowered standing charges for prepay customers now align with Direct Debit rates.
  • As prepay unit rates are cheaper, this means a 3% reduction in costs for typical users.
  • Vulnerable households, who often rely on prepay, will benefit from this turnaround.

The Future Outlook

  • While prepay currently holds the crown, competition may shift the landscape.
  • Direct Debit remains the overall cheapest option for those who switch providers.
  • As the energy market evolves, consumers must stay informed to make the best choices.
By Axel Piper

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