Anas Sarwar vows to fight for social justice and human rights

Scottish Labour leader pledges to stand up for the oppressed at party conference

Anas Sarwar, the leader of Scottish Labour, has promised to stand up for the oppressed and fight for social justice and human rights at his party’s conference. He said he was inspired by his father, Mohammad Sarwar, who was the UK’s first Muslim MP and helped bring the killers of Kriss Donald to justice.

Mr Sarwar said he wanted to lead a party that was “on the side of the people” and that would challenge the “status quo” of the SNP and the Tories. He said he would not shy away from speaking out on issues such as the Israel-Gaza conflict, Islamophobia, and the climate crisis.

He also outlined his vision for a “fairer and more prosperous” Scotland, with policies such as a national care service, a jobs guarantee for young people, and a green industrial revolution.

Sarwar faces challenges from SNP and Tories in election year

The Scottish Labour leader faces a tough challenge in the upcoming general election, as his party trails behind the SNP and the Tories in the polls. The SNP is seeking a mandate for a second independence referendum, while the Tories are campaigning to stop it. Mr Sarwar has said he opposes another referendum, but also wants to offer a “positive alternative” to the SNP’s record in government.

Mr Sarwar has been praised for his performance as leader since he took over from Richard Leonard in February 2023. He was named Scottish Politician of the Year for 2023, and his party won a crucial by-election in Rutherglen & Hamilton West in November 2023. He has also tried to appeal to voters across the political spectrum, by reaching out to former Labour supporters who switched to the SNP or the Tories.

Anas Sarwar vows to fight

However, he has also faced criticism from some quarters, such as his U-turn on calling for more devolution of drug laws, and his support for Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership of the UK Labour Party. Some have accused him of being too cautious and centrist, and not offering a clear and radical alternative to the SNP and the Tories.

Sarwar hopes to inspire a new generation of Labour activists

Mr Sarwar said he was proud of his heritage and his family’s story, and hoped to inspire a new generation of Labour activists. He said his father, who immigrated from Pakistan in 1976, faced racism and discrimination, but also achieved success in business and politics. He said his father taught him the values of hard work, honesty, and compassion.

He also said his father was instrumental in bringing the murderers of Kriss Donald, a 15-year-old boy who was abducted and killed by a gang of Asian men in 2004, to justice. He said his father used his contacts in Pakistan, where the killers had fled, to secure a one-off extradition deal with the UK. He said this was an example of his father’s courage and commitment to justice.

Mr Sarwar said he wanted to follow his father’s footsteps and stand up for the oppressed and the voiceless. He said he would not be silent on issues such as the Israel-Gaza conflict, where he called for a ceasefire and condemned the violence on both sides. He said he would also tackle Islamophobia, which he said was a growing problem in Scotland and the UK. He said he wanted to create a society where everyone was treated with respect and dignity.

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