A new festival of contemporary music and art in Scotland

A new festival of contemporary music and art, called The Night With…, is set to take place in Scotland this year. The festival, which is the brainchild of composer and producer Matthew Whiteside, aims to showcase the work of emerging and established artists from various genres and disciplines.

The Night With…: a bonkers idea

Whiteside, who is also the artistic director of the festival, admits that the idea of organising a festival in the midst of a pandemic is “bonkers”. However, he says that he was inspired by the resilience and creativity of the artists who have been adapting to the challenges of the past year.

“I wanted to create a festival that celebrates the diversity and innovation of contemporary music and art in Scotland and beyond,” he says. “The Night With… is a platform for artists to share their work with new audiences, and for audiences to discover new sounds and experiences.”

The festival, which is supported by Creative Scotland, will feature a range of events, including concerts, installations, workshops, talks, and podcasts. The events will take place in various venues across Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen, as well as online.

The Night With…: the programme

The festival programme, which runs from 8 November to 11 December, includes some of the most exciting and acclaimed artists in the field of contemporary music and art. Some of the highlights are:

A new festival of contemporary music and art in Scotland

  • The world premiere of a new commission by Scottish composer Jennifer Walshe, performed by the experimental vocal ensemble Juice Vocal Ensemble.
  • A concert by the award-winning Scottish Ensemble, featuring works by Anna Meredith, Edmund Finnis, and Linda Buckley.
  • A performance by the renowned pianist and composer Hauschka, who uses prepared piano and electronics to create mesmerising soundscapes.
  • A collaboration between the electroacoustic duo Turning the Elements and the visual artist Heather Lander, exploring the themes of water, light, and sound.
  • A multimedia installation by the sound artist Kathy Hinde, inspired by the migratory patterns of birds.
  • A workshop and concert by the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, a collective of improvising musicians from various backgrounds and genres.
  • A podcast series, hosted by Whiteside, featuring interviews and discussions with the artists involved in the festival.

The Night With…: the vision

Whiteside says that his vision for the festival is to create a space for dialogue and exchange between artists and audiences, and to challenge the stereotypes and boundaries of contemporary music and art.

“I hope that the festival will inspire people to explore new forms of expression and communication, and to appreciate the richness and diversity of contemporary music and art,” he says. “I also hope that the festival will contribute to the cultural and social life of Scotland, and to the recovery and regeneration of the arts sector after the pandemic.”

The Night With… festival is a unique and ambitious project that promises to offer a stimulating and enjoyable experience for both artists and audiences. For more information and tickets, visit the festival website.

By Ishan Crawford

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