Royal Rites: The Unique Traditions of St. Andrews

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s alma mater, St. Andrews University, is steeped in history and unique traditions. From the iconic red gowns to the May Dip in the chilly North Sea, the university experience for these royal alumni was anything but ordinary.

Academic Attire with a Twist

The red gowns at St. Andrews are not just a splash of color against the grey stone of the ancient university buildings; they are a symbol of academic tradition and student unity. These gowns, once a deterrent against illicit tavern visits, now mark significant moments in a student’s journey, from matriculation to graduation.

Students wear their gowns in various ways to signify their year of study, a visual representation of their progress through the rigors of university life. It’s a tradition that ties them to the thousands of St. Andrews alumni who have walked the same halls and worn the same vibrant hue.

St Andrews University traditions

The Curse of Patrick Hamilton

St. Andrews is home to more than just academic pursuits; it’s also the site of a centuries-old curse. The initials ‘PH’ mark the spot where Patrick Hamilton was executed for his beliefs, and legend has it that any student who steps on them will fail their degree.

But fear not, for there is a remedy: the May Dip. This annual tradition sees students flock to the sea at dawn on the first of May, plunging into the icy waters to wash away the curse and secure their academic success.

A Dip into Tradition

The May Dip is more than a quirky custom; it’s a rite of passage for St. Andrews students. As the sun rises over the North Sea, students hand in hand take the leap, emerging with laughter and shivers, their bonds strengthened by the shared experience.

This tradition encapsulates the spirit of St. Andrews: a blend of the solemn and the spirited, where academic excellence meets community camaraderie. It’s a tradition that Prince William and Kate Middleton, like all St. Andrews students, will remember for a lifetime.

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