Former Scottish Politician Creates Local Food Charity to Combat Poverty

Introduction: Angela Moohan, a former Labour councillor on West Lothian Council, has taken a bold step to address social issues head-on. Disenchanted with the limitations of party politics, she founded The Larder—a local food charity dedicated to fighting poverty and hunger with dignity. Angela’s journey from politics to social enterprise exemplifies her commitment to creating meaningful change in her community.

The Birth of The Larder: A Vision for Transformation

In 2010, Angela Moohan established The Larder, driven by a vision to empower local people to transition from mere survival to thriving. The charity provides food support, training, and fair work opportunities. But its impact extends beyond meals and employment—it tackles real-world problems.

Community food distribution

Youth Justice Program: Transforming Troubled Lives

Two years ago, The Larder’s Youth Justice Program identified a group of 12 boys from the Fauldhouse area, aged 14 to 20. These boys were absent from school, constantly in trouble with the police, and banned from community facilities and local shops. Their anti-social behavior included street fights, property damage, and even attacks on emergency responders.

Building Bonds and Positive Change

The Larder’s team took an unconventional approach. They followed the boys, forming a delicate bond. Trust was established, and the boys were encouraged to express their aspirations in a safe space. They set up their own group within The Larder’s training center. Through partnerships with the Forestry Commission, Fire Service, Police, and local wildlife groups, the boys engaged in a summer program. They cleaned up forests, learned pond-skimming, camped in nature, and rebuilt relationships.

Results and Empowerment

Since the intervention, these boys have experienced remarkable transformations. None have had negative interactions with the police, and local fire incidents dropped significantly. Education re-engagement programs helped them earn qualifications. One boy secured a work placement at a community center from which he was previously banned.

Foundation Scotland’s Support

Angela’s tireless efforts were initially unpaid, but Foundation Scotland stepped in to provide crucial support. As a long-serving social investment partner, Foundation Scotland recognized The Larder’s impact. Angela’s dedication, combined with strategic partnerships, has changed lives and strengthened the community.

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