Elderly woman loses £250 after being scammed by fake charity worker

A 79-year-old woman from Glasgow was left heartbroken after she was conned by a man who claimed to be collecting money for a children’s charity. The fraudster took £250 from her purse and fled, leaving her feeling “stupid and ashamed”.

How the scam happened

The incident occurred on Friday, February 23, 2024, around 11 am, when the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, answered the door of her flat in Maryhill. She was greeted by a man who said he was from a charity called Children in Need, and showed her a laminated badge and a clipboard.

The man asked her if she wanted to make a donation, and she agreed to give him £10. He then asked her to fill out a form with her name and address, and said he needed to see her bank card to verify her identity. He assured her he would not take any money from her account.

The woman, who suffers from arthritis and poor eyesight, trusted the man and handed him her purse, which contained £250 in cash. He pretended to look at her card and then returned her purse, thanking her for her generosity. He then left quickly, saying he had to visit other flats in the building.

The woman did not suspect anything until she checked her purse later and realized that all her money was gone. She was devastated and felt like she had been “robbed in broad daylight”.

The impact of the scam

The woman said she felt “stupid and ashamed” for falling for the scam, and that she had been saving the money for her grandson’s birthday. She said she was afraid to tell her family what had happened, and that she felt “violated” by the man who had taken advantage of her kindness.

Elderly woman loses

She said she wanted to warn other elderly people to be careful of strangers who knock on their doors and ask for money. She said she would never trust anyone again, and that she felt “very lonely and vulnerable”.

She said she had reported the incident to the police, but she did not have much hope of getting her money back or seeing the man arrested. She said she wished she had a security camera or a peephole on her door, so she could have avoided the scam.

The advice from the police

The police confirmed that they were investigating the case, and that they were looking for a white male, aged between 30 and 40, with dark hair and a Scottish accent. He was wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. He was carrying a clipboard and a laminated badge with the logo of Children in Need.

The police urged anyone who had seen the man or had any information about him to contact them. They also advised the public to be vigilant and cautious of anyone who asks for money or personal details at their doorstep. They said that legitimate charity workers would never ask for bank cards or cash, and that they would always have proper identification and documentation.

The police also recommended that people should use a door chain or a spy hole to check who is at the door, and that they should not let anyone in unless they are sure of their identity. They said that people should not feel pressured or intimidated by anyone who claims to be from a charity, and that they should always ask for proof and contact details. They said that people should not hesitate to call the police if they feel suspicious or uncomfortable.

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