Crooked Letting Agent’s £40,000 Embezzlement Unveiled During Benidorm Holiday

In a shocking revelation, Amber-Louise Milne, a 42-year-old letting agent from Glasgow, was caught embezzling over £40,000 from her employer, BS Properties. Her audacious theft was exposed when she used the company’s bank card during her holiday in Benidorm. The unsuspecting property company owner, Brian Stewart, discovered a staggering £25,000 overdraft in the company’s name.

The Deceptive Trail: How Milne Stole from BS Properties

Milne had been pilfering funds for years, camouflaging her actions by making small payments to herself and disguising them as legitimate expenses. These transactions included fictitious payments for electricity, key cutting, and handyman services. Her embezzlement spree spanned several years, with £14,179 taken in 2017, £13,000 in 2018, and a whopping £16,651 in 2019.

Letting Agent Embezzlement

The Costa Blanca Confrontation

While Milne was still enjoying her holiday in the Costa Blanca, Brian Stewart confronted her over the missing money. She nonchalantly admitted to having “kinda f****d up.” The company’s bank had flagged a suspicious Spanish transaction, leading Stewart to investigate further. Milne’s audacity had pushed the company into a financial abyss.

A Guilty Plea and Deferred Sentence

Milne initially faced charges of embezzling £86,273 from the year she joined BS Properties. However, she ultimately pleaded guilty to the lesser amount of £43,830. Her crimes were laid bare, and the court granted her bail while social work background reports were prepared. Milne’s actions serve as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and trust in business relationships.

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