All VisitScotland Tourist Information Centres to Close: A Shift to Digital-First Strategy

VisitScotland, the national tourism organization, has announced a significant change in its approach to providing information to tourists. Over the next two years, all 25 information centers, known as iCentres, will close their doors. This move reflects the evolving behavior of travelers, who increasingly rely on online resources and travel specialists for planning and booking their trips.

The Changing Landscape of Tourism Information

In the digital age, visitors access information through various channels, including social media, influencer marketing, and online inspiration. TikTok, YouTube, and AI-driven tools play a crucial role in shaping travelers’ decisions before they even set foot in a destination. Additionally, the role of tour operators and travel agents has become more critical, especially for international visitors who often book comprehensive packages.

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Investing in a Digital-First Model

VisitScotland’s new strategy prioritizes a digital-first model. By targeting channels that potential visitors use during the early planning stages, the organization aims to influence where tourists go, when they visit, and what they do. This approach allows VisitScotland to expand its reach and impact in Scotland’s key global markets.

Phased Closure and Local Arrangements

The iCentres will continue to operate as usual until the end of September, after which a phased two-year closure program will be implemented. VisitScotland is actively engaging with stakeholders to discuss local arrangements during this transition.

Building a Stronger Tourism Economy

Chairman Lord Thurso emphasized that the demand for iCentres has decreased while online information and booking services have continued to grow. By adapting to this shift, VisitScotland aims to build demand, grow the value of tourism and events, and ultimately contribute to Scotland’s thriving visitor economy.

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