Tourism manager caught with cocaine stash and cash in her flat

A woman who worked as a manager at a popular tourist attraction in Scotland was exposed as a drug dealer after police raided her flat and found cocaine and cash. Desiree Doogan, 28, was involved with a county lines drug gang that operated across Dundee. She had a list of customers who bought cocaine from her, and she also supplied the drug to other dealers.

How she got into drug dealing

Doogan was the Events Operations Manager at Discovery Point and the RRS Discovery, a museum and a historic ship that attract thousands of visitors every year. She had a promising career in the tourism industry, but she fell into debt and turned to drug dealing to make money. She was recruited by a county lines drug gang, which is a network of criminals who use mobile phones to sell drugs from urban areas to rural or suburban areas.

What the police found in her flat

On February 9, 2024, police officers raided Doogan’s flat at 6 Hazel Drive, Dundee, after receiving intelligence that it was being used for drug dealing. They found more than £20,000 in cash and a large haul of cocaine in her bedroom. They also seized her mobile phone, which contained messages and contacts related to drug dealing. Doogan was arrested and taken to police custody.

Tourism manager caught

What she admitted in court

Doogan appeared at Dundee Sheriff Court on February 10, 2024, and pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of cocaine between January 1 and February 9, 2024. She admitted that she sold cocaine to customers and other dealers, and that she received cocaine and cash from the county lines gang. She also admitted that she used some of the cocaine herself.

What the prosecutor said

Fiscal depute Charmaine Gilmartin told the court that Doogan’s flat was suspected of being “cuckooed” by the county lines gang, which means that they took over her property to use as a base for drug dealing. She said that Doogan became more and more prolific in selling cocaine as time passed, and that she had a large customer base across Dundee. She said that Doogan’s involvement in drug dealing was “a serious matter” that had a “detrimental impact” on the community.

What the defence said

Defence solicitor Ian Houston said that Doogan was “a young woman who had a good job and a good future” before she got into drug dealing. He said that she was under “considerable financial pressure” and that she was “vulnerable and naive”. He said that she was “not the mastermind” of the drug operation, but rather “a cog in the wheel”. He said that she was “deeply ashamed and remorseful” for her actions, and that she had lost her job and her reputation.

What the sheriff said

Sheriff Alastair Brown deferred sentence on Doogan until March 10, 2024, for reports and a drug treatment and testing order assessment. He said that he wanted to explore the possibility of a non-custodial sentence, but he warned Doogan that she was facing a “very serious charge” and that he could not rule out imprisonment. He said that he wanted to know more about her background, her motivation, and her prospects of rehabilitation. He released her on bail with conditions, including not to possess or use any drugs.

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