Terrified Mum on the Run with Autistic Daughter Faces Desperate Situation

Edinburgh, Scotland—A mother’s desperate flight with her autistic daughter has left them both in a precarious situation. Shona, the terrified mum, claims that authorities are closing in on them, leaving her with nowhere to turn. The pair is now in hiding, and Shona fears that social workers may override her role as Megan’s guardian.

Mother and daughter silhouette

The Struggle

Megan, Shona’s daughter, is on the autism spectrum, which adds an extra layer of complexity to their situation. Shona’s determination to protect her daughter has led them to flee, but the challenges they face are immense. Authorities are considering an adult assessment of Shona, potentially altering her role as Megan’s guardian.

The Urgency

As the search intensifies, Shona’s desperation grows. She is navigating a legal and emotional minefield, trying to keep Megan safe while avoiding detection. Their story highlights the struggles faced by families dealing with autism and the difficult decisions they must make to protect their loved ones.

By Zane Lee

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