Leading Scots Tory Campaigner Exposed for Supporting Far-Right Party in France

Edinburgh, Scotland—John White, a prominent Scottish Tory campaigner, has recently come under scrutiny for his involvement with Marine Le Pen’s far-right party, National Rally, in France. As the party gains momentum and potentially sweeps to power, White has been actively campaigning alongside National Rally President Jordan Bardella. This revelation has sparked controversy and raised questions about the Scottish Conservative Party’s judgment.

The Connection

National Rally, formerly known as the National Front, has positioned itself as an anti-immigrant party. Its policies include ending birthright citizenship for people born in France to foreign parents, closing mosques, and restricting dual nationals from certain state jobs. Bardella, at 28 years old, has vowed a “cultural battle” against Islamism.

Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella

White’s Public Support

White’s social media posts reveal his enthusiasm for National Rally. During a trip to France, he posted a selfie with Bardella on the day of the European Parliament elections, expressing support for putting “nations first” and celebrating the rise of right-wing movements in Europe. He also visited the Nice National Rally office, learning about French politics and the fight to reclaim the city.

Calls for Accountability

Scottish Labour has called on the Tories to address extremism within their ranks. Deputy leader Jackie Baillie emphasized that hate has no place in Scottish politics and urged unity rather than division.

The Broader Context

As National Rally’s influence grows, White’s alignment with the far-right party raises concerns about the Scottish Conservative Party’s values and decision-making. The party must navigate these revelations carefully to maintain public trust.

By Axel Piper

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