Masked Bike Gang Breaks Into Plush Edinburgh Flat and Steals Safes with Cash and Jewellery

A terrifying balaclava-clad bike gang has been caught on camera breaking into a plush flat in Edinburgh, making off with several safes containing cash and jewellery. The shocking incident occurred on Learmonth Terrace near the city’s Dean Village. The masked thugs wielded two deposit boxes and a briefcase as they raided the property. A courageous dog walker happened to capture the footage, which reveals the audacity of the criminals. Let’s delve into the details of this daring daylight heist.

The Heist:

The horrifying break-in took place at approximately 11:45 am on Monday, June 24. The masked gang used crowbars to force their way into the flat, targeting two doors—one of which was a heavy main door. Their timing was impeccable, as the owner had just left the property before the raid. The audacious thieves made off with both safes on electric bikes, demonstrating a level of planning and audacity that is deeply concerning.

Balaclava-clad bike gang

Bravery and Vigilance:

The dog walker who filmed the incident displayed remarkable courage. She can be heard in the video telling the gang to drop the stolen goods, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. The criminals mounted their bikes and fled the scene, even picking up one of the sizable safes that fell from a bike during their escape. The front door of the building was bludgeoned by the crowbar, leaving a trail of destruction.

Community Response:

Sharing the footage on social media, Rebecca Brass appealed for information about the gang. Other residents recognized the thieves from the video, and police are now investigating the break-in. The stolen safes contained both cash and jewellery, with one of them holding sentimental value beyond its monetary worth. The incident has left the community shaken and serves as a stark reminder to remain vigilant.

As criminals become bolder, it’s essential for communities to look out for one another. The bravery of the dog walker who captured the footage highlights the importance of vigilance. Let’s hope that justice prevails and that such audacious acts are met with swift consequences.

By Axel Piper

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