Mango Mexican Candy Shot Recipe

Mexican candies are a delicious dessert staple. Chocolate covered candies, coconut covered candies, and sugar-based candy varieties are popular. Mango flavored candy is not as popular, but this recipe makes an awesome addition to your mango sweet collection!

These candy shots are made with real mangoes and coconut cream, then set with gelatin. The resulting shot is a creamy, tropical delight that will bring you back to warm weather. The best part is you can make these ahead of time, which makes hosting easier!

Making these requires some cooking so make sure to allow enough time for that. Additionally, the process of making these requires two different types of gelatin so make sure you have both on hand. Once these shots are made, they need to set in the refrigerator for several hours before being served which allows for adequate time to prepare everything else for your party.

Make tequila syrup


To make the tequila syrup, you will need to mix water and sugar together and then heat it until it becomes liquid. You will then need to add tequila to the liquid and let it simmer until it is thick.

Once it is thick, you can let it cool and then store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it. The syrup can be made ahead of time, which is a bonus!

This is a simple recipe and takes about 20 minutes to make. It is a good time-consuming activity while you wait for the mango jelly to set in the refrigerator. Try doing this next time you make mango jello shots!

The best way to use the tequila syrup is either to pour it over the shots in the shot glass before handing them out, or handing out shot glasses of just tequila syrup for people to dip the shots in it.

Mix both syrups together

mango mexican candy shot recipe

Once the sugar syrup has cooled down, you can mix it with the mango puree. Make sure the syrups are the same temperature so that they mix well.

Once mixed, let the mixture cool down again before using it to coat the mango pieces. The candy will be soft when warm, but will set as it cools.

These little shots are perfect for parties as they are mini portions.

Add lemon juice

mango mexican candy shot recipe

After you have added the mangoes to the blender, you will need to add some lemon juice. A half a cup of lemon juice is the perfect amount to add.

This helps enhance the flavor of the mango and makes for a more interesting shot. You can use lime instead, if you prefer that flavor.

Many people use vinegar in their recipes, but this can make it taste too sour. By using lemon juice instead, you get a better balance of flavors that work well with the mangoes.

The acid in the lemons also helps set up the gelatin mixture, making for better shots. It also aids in setting up the agar agar flakes, which give the shots their texture.

Add sugar


Once the mangoes are sliced, minced, and mixed with the other ingredients, you can add sugar to the mixture. The ratio is one cup of sugar for every cup of mango mixture.

Make sure to thoroughly mix the sugar into the mango mixture to ensure that there are no clumps of sugar. Clumps would not mix properly into the gelatin and create spots that were not creamy.

A tip from our blogger friend is to use brown sugar instead of white sugar for a little extra flavor kick!

Once everything is mixed together, it is time to set it aside and start working on the gelatin.

Mix all ingredients together


Once all of your ingredients are together, it is time to mix them all up. Use a blender or a handheld mixer to get the perfect consistency. You want it to be smooth and creamy, like the inside of a mango lassi!

Once it is mixed, pour the shot into shot glasses and serve. These are fun to make with friends, as you can take turns mixing them up. It is also fun to see the different flavors come out as they mix them in the glass.

These shots are super delicious and fun to eat. They are a great way to end your night, so do not save them for last! Enjoy!

Drinks made from just three ingredients are the best drinks- they’re simple, yet totally delicious. Try making these three easy drinks next time you’re thirsty and want something new!

Chapter 5- Easy Three Ingredient Drinks

Now that you learned some tips on how to make drinks with just three ingredients, it is time to show some examples! Here are some of the best drinks made with only three ingredients each. Try making some of these tonight for yourself or for guests!

To start, pour two ounces of vodka into a glass along with one ounce of lemon juice and one ounce of sugar syrup. Then, stir until dissolved and served chilled with a lemon slice garnish.

Shake and serve!

mango mexican candy shot recipe

Once your mango liqueur and tequila are mixed together, you can serve this delicious cocktail. Just pour into a shot glass and shoot!

This drink also works well in a pitcher for a larger group. Just make sure to scale up the ingredients proportionately. You do not want to run out of this tasty treat!

Pro tip: If you do not like tequila, substitute it for vodka instead! This recipe works well with any clear alcoholic beverage.

Chapter 6: Tropical Drink Recipes

If you are looking to cool down with a refreshing tropical drink, then this chapter is for you! We will go over some basic recipes that you can apply to different drinks. There are no specific drinks listed, so mix and match to your heart’s content.

Basics Of Making Tropical Drinks

There are some basic ingredients that come up when making tropical drinks. Here are some of the most common ones and how to use them!

Fruit Juice

Whether it be orange juice, pineapple juice, or coconut water, many tropical drinks call for some type of fruit juice. If the drink calls for just one kind of juice, then just add one kind! If the drink calls for multiple kinds of juice, then try to find substitutes or mix your own blend at the store.


Many tropical cocktails call for liquor as an ingredient. The type of liquor called for depends on the type of drink being made. For example, if making a piña colada, coconut liquor is required- usually coconut cream or milk but sometimes pure alcohol like gin or vodka depending on how strong you want it.


Some drinks call for syrup or sweeteners to enhance the flavor of the drink. Depending on what type of booze is in the drink will determine if syrup is needed as well as other flavors like citrus or coconut.

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