A Heartfelt Tribute: Fundraiser Launched for Faslane Soldier Josh Gayton

In a tragic turn of events, the body of Josh Gayton, a 21-year-old Faslane soldier, was found in water near Helensburgh. Josh, who served at the Naval Base on the Clyde, had been reported missing after failing to turn up for work. His disappearance raised concerns, and a major search operation involving Police Scotland, members of the Royal Navy, and Ministry of Defence police was launched.

A Mother’s Desperate Search

Josh’s worried mother, Katie, traveled from her home in the West Midlands to join the search for her son. The anguish of not knowing his whereabouts weighed heavily on her heart. She described Josh as a “loving, funny, beautiful boy” who had simply gotten lost in an unfamiliar place.

Faslane soldier tribute

The Tragic Outcome

On Sunday night, police tragically announced that a body believed to be Josh’s had been recovered in the water off Helensburgh. The news shattered the hopes of those who had hoped for a different outcome. Josh’s shipmates, too, had rallied to search for their colleague, but fate dealt a cruel blow.

Community Support

During the search for Josh, family friend Jayne Buggin set up a fundraiser to allow Katie to travel to Scotland. Now, in the wake of the heartbreaking news, the same fundraiser will be used to pay for Josh’s funeral. The community has come together to support Katie, his sister, and the rest of the family during this difficult time.

A Farewell to a Young Life

Josh’s passing leaves a void in the hearts of those who knew him. Condolences have poured in from fellow navy families and friends. His memory will forever be etched in the minds of those who loved him.

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