Former Teacher Inflicted “Cruel and Unnatural Acts” on Pupils at Edinburgh Academy

In a landmark court ruling, John Brownlee, an ex-teacher at Edinburgh Academy, was found to have committed sadistic cruelty and emotional abuse against young boys between 1967 and 1991. Despite being deemed medically unfit for criminal trial, Brownlee’s actions were examined in detail at Edinburgh Sheriff Court. The court heard harrowing accounts from 42 former pupils, who described habitual physical force and mental terror inflicted upon them.

The Disturbing Details

Brownlee’s violent assaults spanned 31 charges, including the use of implements such as a cricket bat, a snooker cue, a clacken, and a leather strap. Boys were slapped, kicked, or punched, with some rendered unconscious due to the severity of the attacks. The court proceedings did not result in punishment for Brownlee, but the Crown Office acknowledged the abuse as a matter of public record.

Edinburgh Academy classroom

A Vindication for Victims

BBC presenter Nicky Campbell, who attended Edinburgh Academy from 1966 to 1978, expressed relief at the ruling. Campbell described it as a “vindication” for victims, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging past wrongs. He stated, “Those memories of him are still with me, they come to me in the night. Today is a wonderful release”.

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