Does Apple Juice Make Your Pee Pee Bigger?

Many people are aware of the health benefits of drinking one glass of freshly squeezed apple juice every day, but some may not be clear on how much sugar is in your drink!

Many types of beverages contain carbohydrates or sugars to make them taste better. Unfortunately, many of these drinks also contribute to weight gain due to the high amount of glucose in the beverage.

A small amount of glucose can help provide fuel for muscles, but repeated exposure can have negative effects on body weight.

Carbohydrates that do not get completely absorbed in your digestive system will eventually exit your body as either urine or feces. The more carbs you consume, the higher level of glucose in your blood, and thus the greater volume of urination needed to eliminate all of this glucose.

This article will discuss the differences between “white” and “brown” sugar, why both are equally harmful, and what you can do to reduce the amount of white sugar you eat. Hopefully you will then be inspired to try making your own fresh lemonade or finding other ways to sweeten yourself!

Disclaimer: This article should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. I have compiled information from various sources, but none of it has been reviewed by a doctor nor taken under his/her supervision. Therefore, it cannot be guaranteed to be accurate for individual situations.

Why is apple juice important?

does apple juice make your pee pee bigger

Many people are talking about how much sugar apple juice contains, but what most don’t realize is that it can also contain acid.

Acid in foods can affect your body’s pH balance, which controls many different functions, including blood clotting. Too low of an overall pH level can increase calcium intakeand promote bone loss, while too high of a pHlevel can reduce absorption of some nutrients, such as iron.

Since osteoclasts (cells that break down or dissolve bone) need to have adequate levelsof phosphorusto work properly, eating too much acid may contribute tounhalterexpansionorgrowthofthebones. Phosphorusisanessentialnutrientneededforstrongbonestructureandrepair.

Furthermore, since bones use vitamin D to absorb calcium, having enoughvitaminDcan help preventpoorabsorptionofcalciumduetoconditionslikehyperparathyroidism. Vitamin D helps regulatethebody’sphopshydbalnceandsubsequentlyaidswithacholderingoffortunebonygrowthandremoval.

So why drink so much apple juice then? Because drinking lots ofapplejuicecanincreasenormallevelsofPharmslopeinactiveformyecostrucetissuebystimulatinghydration. Plus, studies show that individuals with healthy bones typically consume less than our national average of recommended amounts of phospahd.

Does apple juice make your pee pee bigger?

does apple juice make your pee pee bigger

Recent studies claim that drinking one or two glasses of fresh apple juice every day can increase urine volume by more than half a cup! This is very interesting to know, as most people think that just because you drink a glass of liquid your body will take it in and therefore expect the same effect on urination.

It has been proven time and time again that our bodies do not work this way. When we eat a meal, for example, the stomach processes all of the food we ingest into an acid solution which then travels through our digestive tract. As part of their natural function, our kidneys pick up this acid and re-absorb some of it (along with other important chemicals) before flushing it out in our urine.

If you are thirsty at this time, then you may be swallowing some of this acid so your mouth washes it down the back passage leading to your bladder. But if you don’t drink any water after eating, then there is no flow of fluid from the gut passing through the intestines and onto the bladder, and thus no opportunity for the kidney to re-absorb some of the gastric acid.

This could potentially cause excess acidity in the blood, which is why some experts suggest avoiding alcohol while trying to lose weight.

Does drinking apple juice make you hold your pee longer?


Many people enjoy drinking one or more glasses of fresh-pressed, unsweetened apple juice every day. Unfortunately, some individuals claim that this drink makes their urine smell stronger and take longer to go down!

Some say they can feel their bladder filling up faster when they wake up in the morning and need to go to the bathroom soon.

This is very annoying if you are trying to get somewhere later or just stay for an extended period because you have to use the restroom. It also can be embarrassing if you want to join others outside or spend time at home where there’s not much going on.

Drinking lots of water helps keep your body hydrated which may account for some of the effects he mentioned above. But making sure you’re drinking enough liquid can be tricky, so try experimenting to see if these changes occur for you.

Does apple juice make you go to the bathroom more?


Recent studies claim that drinking one glass of fresh or processed fruit juice every day can help keep your bladder healthy and contribute to normal urination.

Some researchers suggest that the natural sugars in fruits act as a stimulant, helping increase urine production and flush out excess fluid from the body.

However, other experts believe that the acidity of some juices may actually slow down digestion and cause dehydration, which could be why people feel the need to drink more often.

Should I stop drinking apple juice?


A few years ago, people were talking about whether or not adding more fruits to your diet would help you lose weight. Since then, it has become one of the most popular diets in America!

Many people praise it for its health benefits such as lowering blood glucose levels, reducing cholesterol, and helping keep your heart healthy.

However, there is a little known fact that many people don’t know about apple juice. Some studies show that if you are habituated to consuming enough apple juice, it can actually make your pee really dark colored and possibly even cause it to be red due to the presence of an ingredient called beta-carotene in the drink.

This could potentially mean that some of the consumed beta carotene gets stored in your body as vitamin A instead. Too much vitamin A can result in diarrhea, dry skin, and changes in urine color.

So while eating lots of fruit is great for your overall health, beware of how much apple juice you are drinking.

Apple juice and health


Recent studies suggest that drinking one glass of apple juice every day may contribute to your waist size being up by more than one inch. This is because the sucrose, or sugar content in apples helps feed bacteria in your gut.

Bacteria in your digestive system help keep your body healthy by acting as a second line of defense against infectious agents like viruses and bacteria.

When you drink enough liquid, your stomach senses that it’s time to empty itself, so it begins to contract and slow down digestion. This happens around meals, but even before then!

And when it does start to digest food, water mixes with the undigested portions of food in your stomach, creating an almost constant flow of fluid in your GI tract. That way your organs don’t need to work too hard to process what little food you eat.

So while most experts agree that consuming less fat is good for your heart and overall health, some research suggests that limiting carbohydrates can be just as important.

Carbohydrates are a major source of energy for our bodies, and we get lots of them from foods like fruits, vegetables, and pasta.

But not all carbs are equal. Some sources say that eating a high carb diet can increase your hunger hormone ghrelin and reduce your feel-full hormones leptin and peptide tyrosine kinase (PYK).

What else should I eat and drink?

does apple juice make your pee pee bigger

Another important factor in how much pee you have is what you’re eating and drinking. Certain foods can contribute to dehydration, which makes your body retain water, thus causing an increase in urine volume.

Certain beverages can also contain alcohol, which actually contains salt, so they can help bring down blood pressure, which helps reduce fluid retention.

If you are conscious of your drinks and food habits, try to limit their effects by keeping a diary of how many glasses of water you consume and whether or not you are having alcoholic drinks.

This will give you some insight into how well hydrated you are and if there are any potential risk factors for BPH.

Helpful tips for drinking apple juice


Even though it’s recommended that you drink one glass of fresh, unsweetened apple juice every day, some people may find it difficult to do so. That’s totally okay!

It can be tricky to start off with, especially if you are not used to having plain water or other liquids before bedtime.

So, here are our top five reasons why drinking two glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice before sleep is a bad idea and could actually make your pee get bigger.

Reason number one: It doesn’t agree with your body.

That means it won’t go down as easily, which will cause you to feel thirsty more frequently and drink more fluids. And since I mentioned earlier that drinking too much fluid can sometimes have the opposite effect, that could work in watermelon flavor instead!

Drinking just enough each time can also mean your mouth feels dry and tingly, because there isn’t enough moisture inside. This might lead to teeth drying out, making your eating and sleeping even harder.

Why? Because night time is when your bones and muscles lose the most water and tissue-making them weaker and tighter. Stopping this process at bedtime helps promote relaxation and quality sleep.

By the way – just because something tastes good makes it healthy! Some of my favorite beverages contain enough sugar (or glucose) to give me an energy boost and help me feel awake.

By Ishan Crawford

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