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Can Cats Have Whip Cream

Many people love to eat dessert, but some feel that it is too expensive or difficult to make due to the amount of cream in recipes. For these individuals, they...


Cat Sleeps With Eyes Open

When your cat is awake during sleep, it can be difficult to get her into a quiet bed or box she has learned how to use for sleeping. If you want to help your...


Are Pistachios Bad For Cats

As we mentioned before, eating too many pistachio nuts can be harmful to your cat’s health. They are not totally safe for all cats or even some specific breeds...


Maine Coon Kittens Short Hair

The term ‘Maine coon cat’ comes from the state of Maine, where these cats were originally bred in large numbers for their unique fur coloration and breed...


Cat Breeds With Ear Tufts

There are several different types of ear tufted markings that occur in certain breeds of cat. These include straight, curved, branched, and spiral patterns...


Can Cats Have Hot Dogs

Many people wonder if cats are able to eat hot dogs or not, this article will go into detail about whether or not that is true! While some say yes, most...